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Port St. Lucie Eyeglasses Prescribed by Dr. Durante 

To be able to see clearly, you either need contact lenses or eyeglasses prescribed by your Port St. Lucie eye doctor. While contacts are convenient, they come with their share of downsides. For that reason, you may want eyeglasses to wear all time or just every now and then. Our Port St. Lucie eyeglasses not only help you see, you're also able to find a pair that matches your personal style. 


Why Get Eyeglasses 

Eyeglasses protect your eyes from dirt and flying debris, which can harm your eyes. You don't have to touch your eyes when you put them on like you do contacts; therefore, if you should happen to put your eyeglasses on your head without washing your hands first, you won't develop an infection. You'll have less difficulty wearing makeup with glasses. You can get transitional lenses that change shades depending on the amount of light, ultimately keeping your eyes protected from UV rays and allowing you to see clearly. You can purchase glasses you only wear to give your eyes a break from contacts or when you drive or read. Glasses are less expensive than contacts in the long run. They're not as easy to lose or damage as contacts are, either. They make specialty glasses designed for sports, so you can even wear them when you're active.   

About Our Exams  

If you decide you want eyeglasses, we'll conduct an examination to determine the correct prescription for you. The process begins with us showing you letters of various sizes. You identify which line appears clearest, and we match you with a pair of glasses that correct your vision based on the results of the exam. We use a machine you look into known as refractor/phoropter. During your vision test, we'll also test you for refractive errors. 

After the comprehensive exam, we write a prescription for your lenses, which may consist of three numbers per eye. The first number is the power of your glasses. The number will have a plus or minus in front of it. The plus means you're farsighted, and the minus means you're nearsighted. How far away the number is from zero determines the severity of your vision problem. Those who have astigmatism will have two additional values. One will have an "S" in front of it, and the other will have an "A" in front of it. The "S" stands for spherical, which describes the degree of astigmatism while the "A" represents the axis. The axis describes where the astigmatism is. 

Finding a Pair 

We'll help you to find a pair of eyeglasses you're satisfied with. First, we determine the ideal size for your face. Then, we help you pick out a pair of frames you like. We want you to look good, feel good and see good when you wear Port St. Lucie eyeglasses from us. We spend the time to ensure you find a pair you're comfortable wearing, so you walk out seeing better than ever while remaining confident. 

Call 772-217-4575 to schedule an appointment at Dr. Durante Cohen's Fashion Optical to get the ideal pair of eyeglasses for you. We serve Jensen Beach and the surrounding Port St. Lucie area. 

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