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Posted on 06-26-2017

Contact Lenses: How Do They Work?

For people who suffer from refractive error, contact lenses focus light and provide clarity of vision. Contact lenses are an alternative to eyeglasses, providing the same level of vision correction as other glasses. At Dr. Durante’s Cohen Fashion Optical, we provide contact lenses to people of Jenson Beach FL. If you currently wear glasses, contact lenses may be a good option for you. Knowing what contact lenses are and how they work can help you decide if contact lenses are right for your needs.

contact lenses

What Contact Lenses Do

Blurry vision occurs when the light fails to focus properly on the retina. Contact lenses are shaped specifically to focus light that enters the eyes. Each pair of contact lenses is designed to meet the needs of the patient. Contacts work exactly like glasses, except they’re designed to rest directly on the eyes. Because they’re closer to the eyes, contacts can be smaller and thinner than lenses for eyeglasses.

Different Types of Contact Lenses

There are many different types of contact lenses. The type of contact lenses that a patient needs will depend on the patient’s diagnosis. The most common types of contact lenses include:

  • Soft lenses. Soft lenses are thin, pliable and can immediately conform to the shape of the eye. Soft lenses are comfortable for the patient, which makes them very popular.
  • Gas permeable lenses. Gas permeable contact lenses are rigid but can be permeated by oxygen, which means that they can sit close to the eye. Because gas permeable lenses are rigid, they’re capable of creating sharper optics than soft lenses.
  • Hybrid lenses. Hybrid contact lenses are made from rigid gas permeable lenses with a skirt of soft plastic. Hybrid lenses have the comfort of soft lenses and the sharp optics of hard lenses.

How to Care for Contact Lenses in Jenson Beach FL

Different types of contact lenses have different care instructions. Your eye doctor in Jenson Beach, Port St. Lucie and Stuart FL can help you learn to care for your contact lenses after they have been prescribed. However, some rules of contact lens care apply to all lenses. For example:

  • Hands must be washed before the patient handles contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses should not be rinsed in water or stored in water.
  • Old solution for contact lenses should not be re-used.

Patients who are new to using contact lenses should consult with their eye doctor for care instructions.

Contact Us for Contact Lenses in Port St. Lucie, Stuart and Jenson Beach FL

Dr. Durante at Cohen’s Fashion Optical is your source for eye care in Jenson Beach FL and the surrounding community. We serve patients in Jensen Beach, Stuart, and Port St. Lucie.  For more information or to get contact lenses in Stuart FL, contact Dr. Durante at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. Our team can help you get the corrective lenses you need! Contact us today for an appointment at (772) 692-2020.

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