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Posted on 08-14-2017

Your Stuart Eye Doctor Debunks 5 Common Myths about Contact Lenses

Myths About Contact Lenses

Nearly 40 million Americans wear contact lenses for correcting refractive problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness or to treat a combination of refractive errors. With advanced contact lens technology offering a comprehensive variety of contact lens materials, shapes, and degrees of flexibility, almost anyone can be fitted with contacts.

If you wear glasses and are interested in learning more about the advantages to wearing contacts, please contact your eye doctor near Stuart FL today to schedule an appointment.

5 Myths about Contact Lenses

1. Contacts Take a Long Time to Get Used to Wearing

When contact lenses first came out 40 years ago, they were made of hard plastic and fashioned using optometric measuring devices that are crude compared to today's devices. Consequently, you had to endure weeks of having watery, irritated eyes while wearing your contacts. With today's soft, hydrogel contacts created by state-of-the-art ocular measuring equipment, you do not have to suffer through "getting used to" having something hard and uncomfortable in your eyes. You just pop in your new contacts and enjoy having clear, crisp vision without wearing glasses.

2. Contacts Can Get Lost in the Back of Your Eyes

Your Stuart eye doctor wants everybody to understand that it is impossible for anything to "get lost" behind your eyes because you have a thin but tough membrane (conjunctiva) covering the white part of your eyes. The conjunctiva connects to inner skin of the eyelids, making it impossible for any foreign object--including contact lenses--to slip behind your eyes.

3. Contacts Get Lost Easily (Popping Out of Eyes When You Sneeze, Cough or Laugh)

Only the old-style, hard contacts that weren't fitted properly to the eyes used to pop out occasionally. Modern contact lenses--both hard and soft--do not just pop out of your eyes. In fact, the only way they can be removed is when you remove them.

4. Caring for Contacts is a Lot of Work (cleaning them with solution, keeping them separate in special contact lenses cases, replacing them frequently)

With daily disposable lenses, you don't have to worry about doing anything with your contacts--except putting them in upon awakening and throwing them away when you go to bed. Your eye doctor near Stuart FL also offers 30-day and seven day extended wear contacts.

5. Old People Don't Wear Contacts Lenses

Nonsense! Specialty contact lenses are available for older people with dry eyes, presbyopia or other age-related eye problems. You can even get bifocal contact lenses and lenses to accommodate abnormal corneal shapes. Don't let age stop you from enjoying the benefits of contact lenses. Call your Stuart eye doctor today to find out if you are a good candidate for wearing contacts.

Visit Your Local Optometrist in Stuart, FL for a Contact Lens Prescription

If you are interested in contact lenses, contact Dr. Durante's Optometry practice inside Cohen's Fashion Optical at the Treasure Coast Square Mall today at (772) 217-4575.

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